Lobster Rolls – All served with Kettle Sea Salt Chips

The Coastal

Fresh cracked lobster from Maine. We use the whole lobster, Claw, Knuckle, and Tail meat chunked in our, Split-top Rolls, baked Fresh daily and Toasted to perfection. Topped with melted butter and the LobsterCraft pinch seasoning.

The Heat Wave

The whole lobster, minus the shell and all that, Stuffed in our fresh baked roll. Topped with our own spicy butter. Habanaro, and Serrano peppers infused in the butter with The LobsterCraft Pinch seasoning. Just spicy enough to make You run back for more. If you need more kick, just ask. (We source local ghost peppers.)

L.B.L.T (Lobster Bacon Lettuce tomato)

The LBLT begins with our toasted roll, Inside we have fresh romaine lettuce. Delicately hugging Garden fresh chopped tomato. Our cold water Maine lobster. Topped with our own Garlic Aioli and crisp Bacon.

California Roll

Okay, Let the games begin. Our succulent lobster, Again we use the whole lobster. Crisp cucumber and our house made Wasabi infused soy sauce. Topped with ripe Avocado.

Surf and Turf

Our Flagship roll, We begin with the toasted roll. We shave marinated Flank Steak Stuff the Lobster and the Steak into the roll. Top it with the house Garlic Aioli and the LobsterCraft Pinch seasoning.
(You may need some time alone with this one)

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Fresh, real, homemade three cheese sauce, with our Pipette macaroni mixed with our famous lobster. Topped with chipotle breadcrumbs.

Shrimp Salad Roll

We marinate our shrimp before we grill it, chill it and mix it with just the right amount of mayo and spices, stuff it all in a freshly toasted roll and serve it cool.

Lobster Bisque

The lobster bisque is made fresh with our own Lobster stock and proprietary Recipe, a rue based creamy delite on a chilly day. (served seasonally)